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Are you looking for a professional golf instructor on Long Island?  Birdies golf lessons are designed to help players of all levels improve their game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, our golf pro's have the knowledge and experience to take your game to the next level. During your lesson they will assess your physical abilities and provide personalized technical instruction tailored to fit your individual strengths and weaknesses.  

Jesse, Bill and Andrew's years of experience as a teaching golf professionals make them the perfect teacher for any student looking to improve their game. If you're interested in taking your golf skills to the next level, contact us today for more information on his golf lessons!


Jesse Kovacs has been playing at a highly competitive level since the age of 9. He played on the varsity golf team for 6 years and on the national level throughout his college career. Jesse has been coached by and worked along side hall of fame teaching professionals his whole life. He has finally decided to share his wealth of golf knowledge to help take players games to the next level.

Jesse currently specializes in coaching beginner to intermediate and junior golfers. While working with Jesse he will teach you necessary swing fundamentals in a clear and easy to digest way. He will also teach you course management skills, how to work on your mental game, and golf fitness tips that will be sure to lower your scores indefinitely.

Every player is different and Jesse uses a method that caters to all of his students personal strengths and weaknesses. He will work with you to devise a customized lesson plan to achieve your maximum potential on the golf course.

Jesse Kovacs Headshot_Resize.jpg


Jesse Kovacs

Phone: (631) 901-4648


Andrew Sorber's passion for golf began at a young age. Growing up in Naples, FL, he was constantly surrounded by the game and honed his skills while playing on courses in the area. After gaining experience working at various private facilities in Florida and New England, Andrew accepted a position as the Lead Assistant Golf Professional at Metairie CC in New Orleans, LA. During his time there, he established himself as an expert teacher and mentor to members looking to improve their short game or hone their course management strategies. He is passionate about helping people get the most out of their own game and takes pride in seeing others succeed. We are humbled to have Andrew 

Andrew holds certifications from the PGA of America, US Kids Golf and the TPI. He's a firm believer in utilizing technology to improve performance and is always looking for new ways to help players reach their goals. He  is committed to helping golfers of all skill levels achieve success on the course. With his knowledge, expertise and dedication, he will continue to make an impact on whoever he coaches.


Andrew Sorber
Phone: (239) 253-3121


Bill Bresnan is an experienced PGA Golf professional that has been helping players on Long Island for over two decades. His passion is to help golfers at all levels, to improve their game. Whether you are a beginner or a tour player, Bill can teach you fundamentals and the secrets needed to make great strides on the course.


In addition to private lessons, Bill offers group lessons, clinics and junior lessons - giving everyone the opportunity to learn from the best. With his extensive knowledge of golf technique and strategies, he will ensure that each student learns something new each time they practice with him. His passion for teaching and dedication to improving every student's game makes him one of the top instructors on Long Island.



Bill Bresnan

Phone: (516) 946-2038


Our entire staff is both obsessed and passionate about helping you learn the basics or improve upon your skills! We hope this page helps you understand our golf club lessons, designed to benefit everyone, whether you are just starting out or an experienced ace! 



If you're a beginner, golf lessons are the best way to learn the basics and get started on the right foot
Anyone who has ever watched golf on television can appreciate the beauty and precision of the game. However, those who have never played golf may feel intimidated by the sport. After all, it requires a great deal of skill and coordination to hit a small ball with a stick across a sprawling green. By learning the basics from our PGA instructors, you can develop the proper form and technique to improve your game. In addition, golf lessons can provide valuable insights into the rules and etiquette of the sport, which is a must for any beginner to get started.


Even if you've been playing for a while, lessons can help improve your game. Many people think that once they've learned the basics of a sport or activity, they can continue to improve without any formal instruction. However, this is often not the case. Even experienced athletes can benefit from lessons with a qualified coach. A coach can help you to identify and correct errors in your technique, as well as providing new drills and exercises to help you to improve your skills. In addition, a coach can offer advice on everything from equipment selection to course strategy. If you're an experienced golfer and serious about taking your game to the next level, lessons from our pros are an essential step.


Birdies golf coaches are passionate about helping players of all skill levels improve their game. Whether you're just starting out, a casual player or an accomplished golfer, our coaches will create a personalized plan for you to achieve your goals. We can help you with posture and course management, putting and swing adjustments, video analysis to pinpoint areas of improvement, and equipment fitting to ensure that you have the right clubs for your swing. We also have drills designed to help you hit the ball longer and straighter while eliminating common mistakes like slicing, topping, or hitting fat shots. Our goal is to make sure every lesson we provide helps take your game to new heights!


No two golfers are alike – just as each shot requires its own set of individualized adjustments, so do each player’s needs. That's why we work closely with you to create a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique style and skill set. With the right combination of knowledge, drills, and practice, you'll soon be playing better golf than you ever thought possible.  Contact us now for more information on how Birdies can improve your game! We look forward to helping you reach new heights in your golfing career. Happy swinging!

Every golfer can use a lesson to help find that perfect stroke  and Birdies has you covered . Contact us today to learn more about our golf lessons and how we can help you improve your golf game !

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